Send The Right Content to The Right People at the Right Time

Collect real-time, real-world data including weather, location and traffic conditions, and use it to personalize marketing content and customer experiences. Get people through your door by giving them what they need, when they need it.


Turn Online Customers Into Offline Sales

Encourage customers offline by delivering targeted content to connected devices including smartphones and wearables. Continue the conversation with visitors to your physical locations by connecting your WiFi, beacons, NFC, digital displays and POS to create an engaging, seamless, customer experience.

End to end

Track channel contribution from engagement to sale

VMob doesn't stop at mobile marketing. We completely close the loop, tracking and analyzing behavior to help you understand and guide the entire customer journey: from the first push message to the final transaction.


Make More Informed Marketing Decisions

VMob gives you the tools to collect and analyze millions of customer data points and make intelligent decisions at every stage of the customer journey. Or you can let us make those intelligent decisions for you; harness the power of Big Data, machine learning, business intelligence and predictive analytics to understand the mobile's contribution to your bottom line.

Retail Week Live UK – Reflections

The importance of data convergence in personalization

As in-store technology evolves and customer use of smartphone apps increases, we’re seeing a breakdown of the traditional barriers between traditional in-store retail and e-commerce – digital engagements are now transcending online, mobile and in-store. This is fast becoming known as Unified Commerce – a single approach to your sales, marketing and customer experience, wherever the customer happens to be.

More cool happenings in the connected world

Understanding the connected customer journey

To create a legion of loyal, happy, frequently-returning customers you need to know where each individual is in their relationship with you, and how best to meet their needs at any given moment. Sounds straightforward, right? After all, anonymous individuals can still be ‘identified’ by device if not personal information, and their messages tailored according to context

Prioritizing IoT investments in QSRs

Disruptive themes from the 2016 Restaurant Leadership Conference

Disrupt or be disrupted. That is the theme of the 2016 Restaurant Leadership Conference – and it’s what so many in the restaurant industry are looking to achieve this year. Why? The primary reason is many of the channels these outlets typically use to engage their customers are becoming less effective and they are looking to new mediums and new technologies to propel their marketing and customer engagement to the next level.

Case Study

McDonald's Case Study

We connect McDonald's existing mobile apps to the VMob platform, enabling them to collect real-time data on customer preferences and behavior. This live marketing data allows McDonald's to deliver highly targeted and relevant content to customers, encouraging them to take up offers on premium products.

Within 4 weeks of the first VMob-powered app's release it was downloaded over a million times, putting it at number one in both Google Play and iTunes. Within 5 weeks of launch, 2% of all store guests redeemed an offer, spending an average of 47% more than those who didn't. Since McDonald's started using VMob's live marketing data to create targeted offers, redemption rates have increased by more than 700%.

Increase in tray value
Increase in redemption rates


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